Tuesday, December 6

“Unequivocally Wrong” – Nina Turner Condemns Maple Heights Pride Month Rejection

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As the City Council of Maple Heights City Council again voted down a resolution last week to declare the month of June 2021 as LGBTQ+ Pride Month, reactions condemning the decision have been pouring in from LGBTQ+ organizations and local leaders alike.

Nina Turner, a candidate vying to represent Ohio’s 11th District—which includes Maple Heights—has added her voice to the chorus descrying this decision.

In her statement, the former Cleveland City Councilwoman and Ohio State Senator calls the decision “unequivocally wrong” and stresses the importance of supporting leaders who “publicly affirm their solidarity with the LGBTQIA community.”

Nina Turner

Nina Turner’s statement in full:

At a time when violence against the LGBTQIA community is on the rise, it is more important than ever to have leaders who are committed to full equality. While we see examples of these attacks across our country, just this week in Northeast Ohio, for the second time in two weeks the Maple Heights City Council voted down a resolution to proclaim June 2021 as Pride Month. This is unequivocally wrong.

I believe it is important to stand against this decision, but also to support leaders who publicly affirm their solidarity with the LGBTQIA community. Elected officials have a responsibility to go beyond allyship—they must also be champions for equality. In my view, that means fighting alongside every other leader who supports the struggle for equality and firmly objecting to anyone who seeks to inflict harm. I am proud to have always been a vocal advocate against bigotry, hatred, and exclusion and look forward to continuing this work in the U.S. Congress. As a leader it is my duty to stand against individuals, corporations, and institutions, no matter their affiliation, that fight against progress. Our LGBTQIA friends and family have the right to dignity, equality and justice.

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