Monday, October 26



by Karen Hewitt


I stand here

On the edge of many intersections.

With pride.
With so much pride in who I am.

All the experiences that have shaped me.
That have hurt me.
Times when I have hurt others and hurt myself.

I hold weight for generations that I hope to undo.
Of shame and embarrassment and hope.
Hope for a future that is hard to see unfolding.
Hope for a world that has equity and beautiful diversity.
Hope in hopelessness.

Grounding in chaos.

I see us trying to reckon with years of oppression.
Years of race underlying and acting like it doesn’t exist.
Years of pretending not to see what is right in front of us.
Years of pain.

I move forward knowing that change is on the precipice.
Asking us to acknowledge it.
Own it.

I’m here for it.
Knowing that if we actually do get it
We can move forward.

We can shift.

It’s actually a choice.
Your choice to stand on the right side of history.
Pushed down.
Pushed out.
Let that push us forward.
Our resilience is still right here.

We are still right here.

And this is where the healing begins.


Karen Hewitt (Ze/Hir/She/Her) has been singing, performing, and creating since the age of 12 years old when she was classically trained as a singer with The Cincinnati Conservatory of Music Mini Singers. She is a published author with the launch of her collection of healing spoken word poetry, ‘Grounded’. Karen has also been very present in the Columbus artist scene, appearing in many local improv shows, drumming at sound baths, singing with local musicians, and even curating her own musical, spoken word and improv poetry variety show. Currently, Karen is the Deputy Director at Kaleidoscope Youth Center in Columbus, Ohio.


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