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The Buckeye Flame’s Top 5 LGBTQ+ Ohio Stories of 2020

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What. A. Year.

Our collective emotions have run the gamut in 2020: everything from bewilderment to anger to fear to–dare we say?–a slight bit of hope.

But on behalf of our Board and our writers, we would like to add one more feeling: appreciation.

The Buckeye Flame was launched right smack in the middle of 2020, forged with the singular purpose of amplifying the news and views of Ohio’s LGBTQ+ community to the world. And you all have turned out in droves to support this content: reading the words, sharing the stories, and using the content as a springboard to take action, whether it was calling your representative to demand equality, starting a dinner table conversation, or simply taking the steps to learn more about a new topic.

For all of that, we thank you.

In that spirit of appreciation, we present to you our Top 5 most viewed, visited, and shared stories of 2020. This collection of posts is the perfect microcosm of what we set out to do every single day: create content that spans the state and ranges from commentary to activism to entertainment. We could not be more excited to do more of the same in 2021.

5. Former OU LGBT Director Speaks Out About Termination and Path Forward (10/19/20)
The firing of delfin bautista (they/them) sent shockwaves through the Ohio University community where bautista had served as Director of the Ohio University’s LGBT Center. We spoke with bautista and their attorney to get the backstory on working at Ohio University, the decision to file suit against the university, and what readers can learn from this case.


4. Megan Mitchell Sits Out & Proud Behind Cincinnati’s WLWT-TV News Desk (11/16/20)
Since 2016, denizens of Cincinnati have had the unbelievable pleasure of waking up every morning with Megan Mitchell on their screen as she delivers the news, exchanges delightful banter with the meteorologist, and eases viewers into their day. And she does it all with an authenticity present for all to see and celebrate. We spoke with Mitchell about life behind the anchor desk, including covering LGBTQ+ stories, her super important work in North Dakota, and, yes, her undercut.


3. ENOUGH: An Open Letter to Columbus Mayor Ginther from Queer Partnership for Black Liberation (12/27/20)
Published only a few days ago, these words quickly ignited LGBTQ+ Ohioans and focused much-needed attention on the culture created by the Columbus Police Department that “puts every Black person in Columbus in danger.” The signatories urge Mayor Ginther to hit the reset button with five actions that must be read, shared, and acted upon to honor the dignity and humanity of the Columbus community.


2. My High School Bully Just Called Me 25 Years Later (7/6/20)
When Buckeye Flame Editor Ken Schneck picked up a call from an unknown New Jersey number, he never could have guessed it was his bully from decades ago calling to talk about what happened a quarter century earlier. This piece capture the overwhelming emotions inspired by an unforeseen interaction, words that clearly struck a chord with our readers.


1. Please, My Wife and I Are Just Trying to Buy Groceries (9/7/20)
Cleveland writer extraordinaire BJ Colangelo penned this moving piece about the thick skin needed just to complete the mundane task of grocery shopping for “a fat dyke with half a shaved head of green hair and [her]blue-haired transgender wife.” How widely read was this piece? Take the views of the first four stories above. Combine them. Add thousands more views. Then you will begin to approach how much readers devoured these must-see words.


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