Tuesday, October 4

Cleveland Police Adopt New Guidelines for Interacting With Trans Individuals

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During a forum on Wednesday focused on the Cleveland Consent Decree, the Cleveland Division of Police shared that a new policy was adopted in December regarding guidelines for “interactions with transgender, intersex, and gender non-conforming (TIGN) individuals.” The forum was hosted by The United Way of a Greater Cleveland and the NAACP of Cleveland and broadcast by The City Club and WOVU 95.9 FM

The policy sets the standard that all interactions with TIGN individuals shall “be conducted with courtesy, dignity, and respect” and strikes to “safeguard the rights of all people in manner free from bias.”

The new procedures include using pronouns that individuals specify, addressing subjects by their preferred/chosen name, and respectfully and discreetly inquiring about gender identity in situations where that information needs to be clarified. The policy further outlines appropriate conduct for documentation of gender classification and stops/searches/transportation of TIGN subjects, and establishes that LGBTQ+ training (in consultation with LGBTQ+ individuals) shall be incorporated in the Division’s future trainings.

The full policy is presented below. 🔥

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