Tuesday, November 29

Cincinnati Library Launches “Queer Gabby,” an Interactive LGBTQ+ Resource Tool for Youth

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Written by Clarity Amrein, Library Customer Advisor, St. Bernard Branch

At the Cincinnati & Hamilton County Public Library, we’re always looking for ways to connect with adults, teens, and youth beyond in-person or curbside service! The LGBTQIA+ workgroup at CHPL is thrilled to debut a section on our website with LGBTQIA+ resource lists, staff book and podcast picks, and links to important information and community partners.

Introducing Queer Gabby

The Library strives to be a safe space to explore ideas and make connections for our community. This includes LGBTQIA+ people, especially youth and teens. So, we’re excited to introduce “Queer Gabby,” an interactive feature on CincinnatiLibrary.org where youth and teens can submit comments and questions anonymously, and library staff can respond to them publicly, much like a “Dear Abby”-style advice column. Only here, instead of seeking interpersonal advice, youth can ask questions related to the Library’s LGBTQIA+ materials and local services.

Queer Gabby offers nonjudgmental LGBTQIA+ materials suggestions for youth and teens, answers to historical or governmental reference questions, connections to services and organizations in the community, and allows staff to generate prompts for students to tell us about LGBTQIA+ materials they already know and love. (Don’t worry, we will never share names, identities, or personal information of anyone who submits questions to Queer Gabby.)

A Safe Space for All

Queer Gabby staff closely review responses before posting answers to help youth and teens understand what’s available at the Library, both digitally and in their branches.

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