Thursday, December 8

After (powerful) visual displays, Cleveland Heights enacts (even more powerful) LGBTQ+ equity laws

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by Karin Connelly Rice

After Cleveland Heights Mayor Kahlil Seren announced after the June 1 Progress Pride Flag raising at city hall that he would introduce policy changes to ensure inclusivity and equity among LGBTQ+ residents. Cleveland Heights City Council passed three new policy changes at its Tuesday, June 21 meeting.

The ordinances were first introduced at the June 6 council meeting before passing two weeks later and signed into law.

The three ordinances are:

  • ORDINANCE 75-2022,, co-sponsored by Councilor Josie Moore, to update the City of Cleveland Heights’ parental and family leave policy to make it gender-neutral and ensure the parental and family leave benefit is available to employees who are LGBTQ+.
  • ORDINANCE 79-2022, co-sponsored by Councilman Anthony Mattox, Jr., banning conversion therapy in Cleveland Heights.
  • ORDINANCE 77-2022, mandating the inclusion of expansive anti-discrimination language in every City contract and requiring companies entering into contracts with the City or benefiting from public incentives to affirm they will not discriminate on the basis of gender identity or expression, or sexual orientation.

Cleveland Heights City Council passed all three proposals unanimously, and following the City Council meeting, Mayor Kahlil Seren signed them into law.

“Here in Cleveland Heights, we turn our values into action,” Seren said in a statement. “We fly the Progress Pride Flag as a symbol of our support, but these policies create real change behind the symbolism.”

In his statement, Seren expressed his gratitude to Mattox and Moore for their support in parental leave and protections against conversion therapy. 🔥

This piece originally appeared in FreshWater Cleveland and appears here with permission. 

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  2. Zoe Jane Halo on

    I am a trans woman that lives in Cleveland heights. There are not, and have never been any conversion therapy clinics, camps, or any other facilities in Cleveland heights. Ever.
    And the other 2 bills don’t do anything for anyone that are not employed by the city.
    So when everyone is talking about “ground braking legislation”, I DONT KNOW WHAT THE FUCK THEY’RE TALKING ABOUT!

    Maybe pass legislation that helps ALL the LGBTQIA+ people in Cleveland Heights?
    Maybe work on passing anti-discrimination legislation that mirrors cuyahoga county? Maybe give that legislation some teeth? The bills passed were beneficial to almost nobody in the lgbtqia+ community. Stop worrying about all the political pageantry that doesn’t help and make some real change damnit! That’s your job!

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