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Ohio pastor: Pride Month is “diabolical” & “unnatural,” LGBTQ+ people a “problem”; community protests

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Pastor David Doseck had some thoughts to share about Pride Month with his parishioners, so he took to the local church bulletin to make his feelings known.

In the June issue of the newsletter for the Preble County Catholic Region in western Ohio, Doseck contrasted the annual June devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus with a “diabolic and unnatural campaign to make this month dedicated for the purpose of ‘Pride Month’ in the United States.”

Preble County Catholic Churches

In the bulletin distributed to congregants of churches in New Paris, Eaton, and Camden, Doseck quickly disparaged other churches that display LGBTQ+ support.

Even Christian churches (and sadly some Catholic writers and leaders) view “gay pride” as a virtue, and they happily fly the rainbow flag.

Doseck further lamented that people “won’t be able to prevent the reality of homosexual behavior from entering our child’s life,” as children might see a same sex couple holding hands in public, or have a gay uncle, or be invited with their family to a celebration of a co-workers “same-sex so-called marriage.”

Should any of these occur, Doseck issued instructions for the parents:

Let your child know that romantic love, like the kind mommies and daddies show each other, is only supposed to be between boys and girls. If someone is “romantic” with someone of the same sex, there is a problem, and we can never say that it’s good or be happy about it.

In a statement provided to Local 12, Archbishop Dennis Schnurr of Cincinnati provided support for Doseck’s statement:

The inherent dignity of every human being does not mean, however, that all behavior is to be condoned. Father David Doseck’s pastoral statement is in conformity with Church teaching.

Local community holds demonstration in response to priest’s comments on Pride Month (WKRC)

In response, around 60 people gathered on July 3 outside St. Mary’s Church in Oxford for a silent protest to support the LGBTQ+ community. Those assembled held signs and rainbow flags.

“Oxford is an inclusive community, and we all have to work together, regardless of differences we may have, to try and make this a better town,” longtime resident Mark Radlinski told Local 12. “For a faith leader to come in with these divisive comments, it’s just not in the character of Oxford.” 🔥

Local community holds demonstration in response to priest’s comments on Pride Month (WKRC)

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