Friday, January 27

Protestors – some armed – attempt to disrupt a (canceled) drag queen story hour [GALLERY]

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On Saturday morning in Clintonville, over 100 protestors showed up in an attempt to disrupt an event for local children.

Organizers of the Holi-Drag Storytime event in Columbus canceled the event hours before it was set to take place. The event has garnered national attention due to the Proud Boys, a far-right extremist group, announcing that they would show up to protest the event. 

The event was to be hosted by the Red Oak Community School and held at the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Columbus.

In her statement, Cheryl Ryan, School Manager, Red Oak Community School, said that the event was canceled due to how to best execute a security plan.

The protestors stayed hours past the event’s cancellation and witnesses say they could be heard yelling, “Go Home Groomers.” Protestors and counter protestors were seen arguing religious ideology across High Street.

The following gallery depicts individuals who were present, both protestors and counterprotestors. All photos in this gallery courtesy of Katie Forbes.

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  1. When you bring guns to stop someone from reading to children, then you are a terrorist, and more of a danger to children than any drag queen, transgender person, gay man, lesbian woman or bisexual person ever.

    • When you comment without knowing those armed men were there to keep watch over the protesters and keep everyone, which includes the LGBTQ individuals and their allies, safe from anyone with violent intentions (like the ACTUAL terrorists from Patriot Front, for example)… you’re spreading dangerous misinformation that could get people killed.

  2. I think your headline is wrong… it should read “Terrorists armed with assault rifles scared away citizens outside a church”.

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