Thursday, October 29

Scenes from the 1st Annual Elyria LGBTQ+ Pride Car Parade [GALLERY]

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by Ken Schneck, Editor

On Sunday, June 28, Pride was distinctly mobile as 25 cars took part in the 1st Annual Elyria LGBTQ+ Pride Car Parade. Organized by  5th Ward Elyria City Advocate LeighAnn Arroyo, participants met at City Hall before processing through the community in rainbow-bedecked automobiles. The event wrapped up at the Ely Park Gazebo and featured words from Arroyo and Zach Stepp, an out candidate for the Ohio House of Representatives (District 55).

“This event went extremely well. I am very proud of everyone who came out to participate,” says Arroyo. “This is a first of many more LGBTQ+ events to come for Lorain County, Ohio in the city of Elyria,”

Scroll through the gallery to see scenes from this wonderful (and mobile!) day of Pride.

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