Tuesday, October 4

Ohio Fairness Act Hearing Scheduled for Thursday; Ohio Christian Alliance Denounces “Radical Homosexual” Bill

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Notice was sent out Friday afternoon that the Civil Justice Committee of the Ohio House of Representatives will meet this Thursday at 9am. The only item on the agenda is House Bill 369, the Ohio Fairness Act (sponsors Rep. Hillyer and Rep. Skindell).

The Ohio Fairness Act would protect against employment discrimination, housing discrimination, and discrimination in accessing basic goods and services (also known as public accommodations).

The notice lists the status of the bill as “3rd Hearing” and also “Poss. Am” (possible amendment). The agenda did not detail language of the possible amendment, and a call to the office of Representative Stephen Hambley (Chair of the Civil Justice Committee) has not yet been returned.

“This hearing is primarily for opposition testimony and interested parties: people who have an interest in the bill but don’t support or oppose it,” explains Alana Jochum, Executive Director of Equality Ohio. “We expect our opposition to appear at the statehouse on Thursday and speak to why they do not support LGBTQ equality.”

In response to Thursday’s hearing, the Ohio Christian Alliance sent out a mailer on Monday morning urging their membership to contact the Republican–and only the Republican–members of the Civil Justice Committee to voice their dissent to the “LGBTQ special rights bill” being pushed by “radical homosexuals.” 🔥

Ignite Action:

  • Contact all members of the Civil Justice Committee to voice your support for the Ohio Fairness Act. The full committee roster can be found on the committee website

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