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9 Memorable Quotes from Thursday’s Opposition Testimony to the Ohio Fairness Act

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The Civil Justice Committee of the Ohio House of Representatives met on Thursday morning to hear testimony with regard to House Bill 369, the Ohio Fairness Act (sponsors Rep. Hillyer and Rep. Skindell). The Ohio Fairness Act would protect against employment discrimination, housing discrimination, and discrimination in accessing basic goods and services (also known as public accommodations).

Although proponent testimony was provided by Senator Nickie Antonio, and representatives from Equality Ohio, TransOhio and the ACLU, the bulk of testimony given during the hearing was from opponents to the Ohio Fairness Act. Here are some of the more memorable lines provided by those opponents.

It’s possible with the new configuration of the Supreme Court that they might be able to convince Gorsuch and Roberts to get with the program and reconsider their decision. -Rep. Bill Seitz (R – Cincinnati) speaking about this summer’s Bostock case decided by the Supreme Court that granted LGBTQ+ protections in employment, a decision supported by Justice Gorsuch and Chief Justice Roberts. 


This bill is based on a fundamental lie that sex is distinct from gender identity or gender expression, or put another way, that a man can become a woman or a woman can become a man. -Aaron Baer (Citizens for Community Values) before proceeding to describe how the bill directly enables the rape of children, as he said a similar bill did in the case of a 5-year-old in Georgia.

I claim that predatory men who are not transgender will have the opportunity under this statute to claim they are women and presumably gain access to areas previously protected for women only. -Maria Baer, who also mentioned four different times in her testimony that she loves science.

Does this open the door to potentially legalize pedophilia in the future? One has to seriously consider this possibility as the next wave of calls for normalizing sexual license appear to be heading in this direction. -Barry Sheetz (Institute For Principled Policy)

Romans 1 describes the behavior of those given over to a reprobate mind. They are given over to vile affections. Homosexuality and lesbianism follow. As a state legislator, I do not believe you should be condoning sin or setting laws to encourage or increase sinful behavior. -Rob Kurtz, Baptist Mansfield Temple

Before I came to Dublin, Ohio, I pastored in beautiful central Wisconsin. A married couple came into our church. He was dressed like a woman and asked to use the women’s bathroom. We weren’t ready for that. I asked him to be patient and tried to create a family bathroom or another bathroom he could go to. Eventually, that still wasn’t something he was very happy with. We got with our women’s ministry and they sought to try to deal with the situation. He wanted to go on a kayak trip with the women. Some of our ladies said, “We’ll invite him to a women’s bible study.” We tried to be sensitive to where he was at, those issues, tried to talk about background stuff and be sensitive to his struggle. In the course of time, I went on vacation and while I was gone they picketed our lobby and the entrance to our church for a week. And as I talked to them about this, they eventually admitted that they had been kind of encouraged by some political group—and they used this word–to bulldoze our church because churches like ours are the last holdout for the transgender agenda. -Dr. Eric S. Tober (Faith Community Church)

This is linguistic tyranny, but it doesn’t stop there. We will expect our children to embrace this type of deception. -Linda Harvey (Mission America)


This kind of law will accelerate the move to trash abstinence and go full scale into middle school corruption of our children with obscenity and with danger. -Linda Harvey (Mission America) about sex education not mentioned in HB 368


This is frankly tyranny. This bill embodies tyranny. -Linda Harvey (Mission America) in case you missed it the first time she described the bill as tyranny.  🔥

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