Tuesday, November 29

The Queer Queens of Qomedy Are Returning to Ohio to Bring Laughter and Love

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Need a laugh? Of course you do!

Well, good news: the Queer Queens of Qomedy are returning for two shows in Ohio this month in two different locations. On August 28, they will be bringing the laughs to the Columbus FunnyBone, and on August 29 the comedy heads to the Cincinnati Liberty Funny Bone.

A portion of the proceeds of the shows will be going to Stonewall Columbus and Cincinnati Pride.

Headlining these shows is the infamous Vickie Shaw, a regular and favorite on Olivia Cruises and in Ptown.  Poppy Champlin, the ringleader, host and producer of this long running tour, can currently be seen on Amazon Prime’s “The Gay and Lesbian Comedy Slam.”

The Buckeye Flame spoke with Champlin about the upcoming tour and why we all need a laugh right now. Champlin is currently taking care of her mother who made a few appearances at the start of the interview.

Why do we need comedy these days?
PC: <yells at voice in the background> Mom! I’m on the phone! It’s the interview I told you about. <back to interview> Oh gosh. We need comedy today more than ever because people are so scared. We’ve been separating ourselves from each other. We’ve been isolating ourselves from each other. There’s so much fear. And comedy ravages fear.

Where are you finding the funny these days?
<yells at voice in the background>  Mom would you please exit the room? I’m trying to focus! Close the door! Oh God. <back to interview>  She just tried to kill me. She tried to suffocate me. I’m getting her hearing aids tomorrow, thank god. There’s a lot of funny in this situation here.

Other than my mom, I’m still maintaining the funny wherever I can. I did an auctioneering show the other day. This company hired me to do a live auction and oh boy, I was really good. We raised over $12,000 and it was very funny. If I can walk that edge between politically correct and not politically correct as I did there, it really works out. If I can just tiptoe on either side, it is very funny.

What can audiences get out of a queer show that they maybe can’t get out of a show with straight comics?
In the straight shows I see these days, there is too much testosterone. And I see too much violence. And I see too many shocking sexual things. For me, I’ve never appreciated that type of humor. To me, it’s dark. To me, it’s not wholesome. I don’t know why the straight world has to continue to push that sexual edge. I think it’s kind of disgusting how they sexualize women still in horrible ways.

The Queer Queens of Qomedy don’t go there like that. We’re not delving into really dark crap. You don’t have to have your psyche unnerved. It’s a comfortable show. It’s funny. There’s music. There are singing parodies. It’s uplifting and positive. And it’s love.

What are you excited about with coming to Ohio?
You know, we were on the docket in 2020, and we were canceled because of COVID. I’m excited to come back. I have new songs and we have a lot of new material. We have a new president! There’s so much new.

I’ve been coming to Columbus for 5 or 6 years in a row now. We missed last year and I’m excited to come back. Vickie Shaw is a favorite in the lesbian community, in Olivia travel, and in P-town. She doesn’t get up this way much, so that will be a treat for everybody.

And it sounds like there will be new material!
So much new material! And what’s interesting: this is the first time I’m going to be attempting a Saturday matinee. I know the clubs are scrambling to get their comedians back on stage and so they are coming up with new time slots. A Saturday matinee will be new for me and the club, and they are looking forward to seeing if I can pull it off.

So far it looks like we can. People are buying tickets. So I’m hoping everyone shows up! 🔥

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