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Upcoming rallies scheduled in Ohio on HB 616 and abortion rights

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With anti-LGBTQ+ legislative action in the Columbus statehouse and a looming Supreme Court decision that leaked documents indicate will overturn Roe v. Wade, a number of upcoming rallies have been scheduled to provide Ohioans the opportunity to make their voices heard.

HB 616 Rally 

On Saturday, May 7th, organizers will be holding “Protect our children, protect our future! HB 616 Rally” to protest the introduction of HB 616, legislation to ban the promotion and teaching of “divisive and inherently racist concepts.”

Rally on May 7 to protest HB 616 and other anti-LGBTQ+ legislation

The rally will be held at the Columbus Statehouse in front of the statue of William McKinley from noon to 2pm.

“The current legislation being proposed (616, 454, and 327) do more than just put all our kids at physical, emotional, and psychological risk,” rally co-organizer Felicia DeRosa said. “It sets a precedent for conditional freedom, and must not be allowed.”

Organizers hope the rally will lead to substantive changes in the legislation moving forward.

“I will know this, and other rallies like this are successful, when we no longer have to rally against racial and social oppression,” DeRosa said.

Reproductive Freedom Actions
Directly following the HB 616 rally, the Party for Socialism and Liberation will be holding “Fight For Abortion Rights” outside the Ohio Statehouse at 2pm.
Then on Saturday, May 14th, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Ohio will be holding “Bans Off Our Bodies: Cleveland Day of Action,” at 11am in Willard Park in Cleveland.

Bans Off Our Bodies Day of Action on May 14th in Cleveland

Event organizers say the rally is meant to “show that we won’t stop fighting to preserve our right to abortion and bodily autonomy.” 🔥
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