Friday, January 27

Equality Ohio releases 2022 Ohio Lawmaker Equality Scorecard; many A’s, many F’s

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Equality Ohio released their 2022 Ohio Lawmaker Equality Scorecard on Tuesday, grading all Ohio state senators and representatives.

The grades represent a Final Ally Score, which was determined by averaging the Solidarity Score (sponsorship & voting record for bills that affect inclusion, equity & access for all races, genders, religions, income, age, or other demographic identifier) and Queer Score (sponsorship & voting record for bills specific to LGBTQ+ issues).

There also was a Boost, which could raise or lower a legislator’s score by a full letter grade or more if the legislator made noteworthy public statements & actions related to LGBTQ+ issues.

“Elections are always important,” Equality Ohio executive director Alana Jochum said in a statement. “But this year, our election results could decide the fate of Ohio’s democracy for years to come.It is so important that LGBTQ+ Ohioans and the people who love them show up on November 8th and vote our values—both to ensure that fair-minded people get elected and to ensure that our democratic institutions can continue to rebuild.”

Receiving grades of A+ were Senators Nickie Antonio and Tina Maharath, and Representatives Tavia Galonski, Mary Lightbody, Beth Liston and Michael Skindell.

30 Ohio legislators received F’s, including Representatives Gary Click, Diane Grendell, Mike Loychik, Jena Powell and Jean Schmidt, all of whom are sponsors of anti-LGBTQ+ legislation currently being heard in the Ohio House.

The scorecard also includes information on the candidates to the Ohio Supreme Court, which was described as the “most consequential race.”

“This year, we want you to pay special attention to the Ohio Supreme Court scorecard, as it is one of the most crucial elections of our time,” Jochum said. “As you’ll see, the Supreme Court is a vital branch of Ohio’s government that has the potential to weigh in on many issues impacting our democracy, voting rights, civil rights, and core issues directly affecting LGBTQ+ Ohioans.” 🔥

Ignite Action:

  • Check out the full scorecard here
  • Equality Ohio will be holding several upcoming Advocacy and Get Out the Vote nights. More info here

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