Thursday, December 8

Need joy? Check out these images of trans Homecoming Princess Cassie Steiner in Mariemont, Ohio

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The story of Cassie Steiner has now been heard far beyond the borders of Mariemont, Ohio.

With her immense bravery, trailblazing spirit, and supportive mother by her side, the 15-year-old said, “Hell yeah” to accepting the title of Homecoming Princess, despite her school warning her that she might have been voted in by mean-spirited teens and that no Prince would agree to escort her.

“Me staying in—even though there was no Prince—gave me hope that I could say something about myself, how proud that I am to be myself, how proud that I am to be trans,” Cassie said. “I knew that I had a supportive group and that I had people who would go to bat for me – and to fight for what is right.”

Kat Steiner posted a plea on Facebook on Thursday asking supporters to come line the Homecoming parade route on Friday to cheer Cassie on.

And line the parade route they did! With supporting signs and wild cheering, Cassie rode through Mariemont waving and beaming ear to ear.

Check out the images below to witness the power of a youth and a community coming together in pure pride.

Ignite Action:

  • The Steiners *urge* you to make a donation to your local PFLAG or to Transform Cincinnati, organizations doing their part to support parents and families of trans youth. Feel free to make your donation in Cassie’s name!

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