Thursday, December 8

Stonewall Columbus to honor LGBTQ+ veterans for their sacrifice and service

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In honor of LGBTQ Veterans Recognition Month, Stonewall Columbus will be honoring five veterans and one partner/spouse in the organization’s annual LGBTQ+ Veterans Recognition program.

This recognition amplifies the sacrifice of LGBTQ+ veterans were forced to live closeted lives in order to serve their country and were dishonorably forced out of the military due to their identity.

“From February 28, 1994 to September 20, 2011, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was the rule,” said Stonewall Executive Director Densil Porteous. “It was discrimination in its purest form and prevented service members from being openly queer without threat of being discharged. For many years, even prior to Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell our LGBTQ+ veterans were forced to live closeted lives so that they could work to serve their country—our country.”

In 2014 Stonewall Columbus first announced its celebration of November as LGBTQ+ Veterans Recognition Month in appreciation of those in our LGBTQ+ community who have served so bravely and selflessly.

(Photo Credit: Ray LaVoie)

“Not only have LGBTQ+ veterans historically served at home and abroad in many eras and conflicts, they have also risked much to push our country towards the promise of equality,” said Porteous. “In recent years transgender service members have vacillated between a sense of safety under one Presidential administration over another.”

In 2018 the LGBTQ+ Veterans Recognition program was renamed in honor of Donald R. Hallman – a 2015 recognition recipient. This years awardees are:

2022 Stonewall Columbus “Donald R. Hallman LGBTQ+ Veterans Recognition”

  • Jennifer Serene Henery – OH
  • Susanne South – OH
  • Joshua Jacob Hoffman – OH
  • Joseph Whitaker – CA
  • Jason T. Guthrie – OH

2022 Stonewall Columbus “Donald R. Hallman LGBTQ+ Veterans Military Spouse Recognition”

  • Joshua Snyder-Hill – OH

A recognition ceremony for the awardees will be held on November 17. 🔥

Ignite Action:

  • The 2022 Donald R. Hallman LGBTQ Veterans Recognition Ceremony will be held on Thursday, November 17 at 5:30pm at Stonewall Columbus (1160 N High Street). There are limited tickets available. RSVP here
  • You can nominate a veteran for a 2023 award here

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