Tuesday, October 4

New Group Created for Spouses of Black & POC Transmen in Ohio

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A new support group has been created for spouses of Black/POC transmen in Ohio.

Spouses of Urban Black Transmen of Ohio Partnering In Communication & Support (SUBTOPICS) was formed as a space for individuals to build a community with others sharing a similar experience.  In organizing the group, Shonda Goins looked to her own relationship to find inspiration.
“Being a spouse of a transman, I felt myself going through my own journey along with him,” explains Goins. “As a spouse we’re needed as the main support for the one transitioning and a lot of times we can lose ourselves during the transition.”
The first Zoom call for SUBTOPICS will be held on March 2nd at 7pm. According to the invitation, the gathering is open to “all who are currently, previously or plan to date, in a relationship or married to an POC transman and currently reside or plan to reside in or from the state of Ohio.”
Goins sees great potential in the power that such a space can hold for its participants.

“I felt the support group was needed, not only to assist in being our best version of ourselves to support the one transitioning, but also to know there are others we can relate to and know we’re not alone in our challenges,” says Goins. “I want it to be a space where we can reflect on our own challenges as well as connect, support, share, learn and grow together.” 🔥

Action Item:

  • Join and/or refer interested parties to the SUBTOPICS Facebook group Please note: If your spouse is not Black, Hispanic, Native, Indigenous, Multiracial or Asian, and if your spouse is not trans, this group is not for you. 

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